A magical wand


A magical wand

From now until then, I heave and I bow

Before the dust sets, I’m already done

My time is set through a magical wand

that tells me to sleep or to work or to cry

or to smile, so I listen because I like to be told I’m doing well

Fill up the moment and let your heart be free

Soak up the minutes that turn into years

Don’t let the wand tell you it owns you

You are worth more than wands could afford anyway

Next Stop Whangamata


Its been a while guys! I thought I would show you what we have been up to in the past few weeks with a few photographs. We have now left New Plymouth and are living in Whangamata! I know right?

I have never been to Whangamata (or even heard of the place to be honest) until 4 weeks ago, when we came. The entire area is very new to me, but I don’t know why I haven’t been here before… it is so beautiful! The community is really warm and welcoming and the beach is just AMAZING! Every night I make dinner and we take it to the beach and eat/make sandcastles/play games/run around like we’re all kids, ridding ourselves of every last ounce of energy we have before dark.

Kenney has got a job Bee Keeping which has been going well! He is enjoying his job and we are really enjoying the honey! Not sure how long we will be here for… no plans as of yet which can be quite stressful but we are just learning to give all our worries and cares to God. This scripture has helped me a lot: Psalm 37:5 – Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you

Hope you are all doing well and thank you so much for your encouragement. You are all such a blessing!

Love Jess xo

A week in New Plymouth

It’s been a week in New Plymouth now but it feels like I’ve only been here for a day! My family are living here so I have been spending my time with them, chillin and hanging out.

This week I wanted to sing this song for you guys… a song I was inspired to write when thinking about someone I was once close to at one point in my life. I was just chillin one day really enjoying life at Waiheke and I thought “I’ve never actually written a song about how grateful I am that it never worked out between me and this other guy.” Sometimes you get hurt by life and people but when you look back after all the pain, you realise that the experience taught you a lot, and it makes you so grateful.

Love Jess xo

Taking a Dive as my last original song at Waiheke!

So I totally forgot to show you guys this song I filmed at Waiheke at Onetangi Bay! I said to Kenney, “I want to do something a bit crazy as my last original at Waiheke, I think I want to go for a SWIM!” He told me I was crazy but anyway… I wanted to go out with a bang you know…

I feel like I learned so much while I was in Waiheke and I think going swimming in winter in all my clothes while people on the shore watched in bewilderment made me feel like I wasn’t going to leave as the same person that came just a few months ago.

I am going to be passionate now, I’m going to take risks, I’m going to love hard and forgive hard and I’m not going to be afraid of what people think. I’m going to be the person God made me to be; to love Him with all my heart and to love you and everyone with everything in me. I’ve always had this thing inside me that has just wanted to spend my life… literally SPEND it for this world and I feel like I’ve now put myself on the right path to do that. I don’t think that everyone needs to leave their home to do it but for some reason I did… maybe so others could join my journey and learn my lessons with me.

Love you guys so much and I will see you tomorrow in New Plymouth with a song!

Jess xo


So it is a big goodbye to Waiheke Island and hello to New Plymouth! I decided to sing one of my favourite classic songs as my finale at Waiheke. I woke up an hour before we had to be on the ferry to sing this! You will also see some of my many memories here too!. Stay tuned for more songs to come on youtube in New Plymouth too!