How to be Jesus to creative people


Just came home from a very special class I go to every Tuesday called Resourceful and decided to write about it because it has been such a blessing in my life this past year..

Resourceful is a class where a few EXTREMELY talented and knowledgeable ladies teach you skills like sewing, knitting, cooking etc. Skills that teach you to be ‘resourceful with the things you already have around you.’

I am totally going to miss these amazing ladies who taught me how to follow a pattern and sew my own dresses, to sew cushion covers when your own are looking tired or a patchwork for your new born baby. My love of creativity has flourished this year because of their willingness to teach. These skills are extremely rare now days and I never had someone who would teach me the art of sewing etc so I am so grateful.

I’ll also miss the friendships and mentors that I have made from this class. Life to me is all about Jesus and people and I am totally the kind of person who can not keep my feelings to myself (it’s ok, I feel sorry for my husband too sometimes) and the council I have received from the beautiful women at Resourceful has been priceless.

I love you all and pray that God will bless you and give you a new encounter of His goodness and love and grace. Thankyou for shining the light of Jesus Colleen and Rosalie (our amazing teachers)!

Here are some pictures that express the creativity that has come out of this class..

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