Get away at Whanganui Bay Lake Taupo gone horribly wrong!

2016-04-23 18.35.262016-04-23 18.36.512016-04-23 18.35.522016-04-23 18.38.102016-04-23 18.37.422016-04-23 18.38.432016-04-23 18.39.402016-04-23 18.39.022016-04-23 18.40.342016-04-23 18.32.562016-04-23 18.32.282016-04-23 18.32.032016-04-23 18.34.522016-04-22 16.57.0520160423_145057So after seeing the pictures and the title of this blog post I’m sure you’re thinking… what the heck happened Jess? Well…

This weekend we were supposed to get away for a night and say a last goodbye to our beloved bach in Whanganui Bay, Lake Taupo. We were supposed to spend lots of quality time together but what happened instead was this:

Joel (my eldest son) got awfully sick the morning we were supposed to be leaving so my sister offered to have him stay with her so we could still get away (bless her).

We packed and left and got to our powerless, toilet less, hot water less, lightless bach and started making dinner on our gas stove. Kenney took one bite and said he couldn’t eat and went to bed and by then it was dark.

About half an hour later everything he had eaten that day came to the surface and it wasn’t pleasent. For the rest of the night that continued and at about 2am Luke (my 1 year old) joined the party too. So my day started at 2am because there wasn’t much sleeping after that. It was ok though… in my spare time I wrote a song! I will share that with you on Monday.

So I took care of my boys until they could gather the strength to get out of the place by 2pm the next day, and I managed to get a few walks in while they slept.

On the ride home Luke threw up in the car which really makes you want to get home quickly (to say the least!). But that resulted in us getting a speeding ticket from the police.

One thing I did learn from this trip was that we are so blessed to be able to have light and power and flushing toilets and hot water and cars (I really could go on). God has blessed me and my family so much and if you have all of those nessessities than know that you are so so so blessed!

Now I’m feeling a bit seedy so please pray for me!

Love Jess


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