Day 2 on Our 1st stop – Erua New Zealand

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Today was Kenneys last day of working as a dairy farmer. It’s been the only thing he has done since he was 16. After he got home we went for a walk at sunset and it was so so cold and crisp… we loved it! I think I’m an extreme weather person… I loved the intense heat of the Philippines (been there twice) and I love intense cold (so long as there is warmth waiting for me at home).

I gave Kenney a wee gift to encourage him on our new adventure… a cookbook for wild food. He is an amazing cook and loves to hunt so I’m sure this will be very well used in our years to come.

Life feels good and I feel a lot of love from God. He has really taken care of me all these years, even in the times I haven’t wanted anything to do with Him. I trust that He will be faithful and lead our family in the way we should go, actually I know it. I guess you could say that I have a peace that isn’t from myself because really… I’m not that much of a peaceful person…