Finding my purpose on my birthday… or rather NOT knowing it

Tomorrow I will be turning 27! An age where I used to think my life would be “figured out” and I would be doing some great thing to change the world. Now I look at my life and ask myself, have I achieved what God has wanted me to achieve so far? Am I doing what I was born to do? I’ve always been a dreamer (I even wrote a song about it) and I sit and ponder (as I do every time I have a birthday); I ask myself these tough questions and I really don’t want to make myself feel better. I just want to be honest.

Am I making a difference in this world? Am I living life to its fullest? Am I leaving a legacy that I will be commended for when I die?

We are 2 weeks into this adventure and right now I am feeling like I have a lot of questions I need to ask myself honestly so that this adventure doesn’t waste itself. To be honest, I don’t know the answers to the questions of my specific purpose (if you do then please share because I would really like to know!) but I do know a few things: I know that I am made to love people like Jesus did. Without an agenda, without needing to be loved back, the kind of love that doesn’t fail.

I guess if I start with that then that is a big enough challenge of its own right! If you feel like you are living your purpose then please share… I’d really love the encouragement in knowing that people are actually able to find it!

Love Jess


A day at Tokaanu on Abby

This weekend we went to Tokaanu to see Max and Bethwen’ (Kenneys parents) yacht for the 1st time on the water. We sailed from the Tokaanu boat ramp to Braxmere in Waihi Bay. You could see all of the hot springs in the hills and even in the lake itself. Our country is so incredibly beautiful, it really is.

I stood at the front of the boat feeling like I was in a scene of Titanic while the babies had fun doing what they do best down below. Afterwards we went to Turangi for fish & chips and then we went for a swim at Tokaanu hot pools.

One of my favourite family trips as a child was going to Tokaanu hot pools while we waited for our Hangi to cook at the hot springs next door. If we had been more organised then we would have made that happen but none the less we had fun making memories!