A day at Tokaanu on Abby

This weekend we went to Tokaanu to see Max and Bethwen’ (Kenneys parents) yacht for the 1st time on the water. We sailed from the Tokaanu boat ramp to Braxmere in Waihi Bay. You could see all of the hot springs in the hills and even in the lake itself. Our country is so incredibly beautiful, it really is.

I stood at the front of the boat feeling like I was in a scene of Titanic while the babies had fun doing what they do best down below. Afterwards we went to Turangi for fish & chips and then we went for a swim at Tokaanu hot pools.

One of my favourite family trips as a child was going to Tokaanu hot pools while we waited for our Hangi to cook at the hot springs next door. If we had been more organised then we would have made that happen but none the less we had fun making memories!



2 thoughts on “A day at Tokaanu on Abby

  1. Sounds wonderful. Glad you were able to get warm after your adventures. We’ve been driving past Erua the last couple of days (took some girls through to Wanganui Girls College for a try at boarding) we looked very hard for any wee Crocketts as we flew past. No luck though.


    1. Aw wow nope the cars drive past very fast here! We head out a few times in the day down the old road but only when it’s warmed up a wee bit


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