Finding my purpose on my birthday… or rather NOT knowing it

Tomorrow I will be turning 27! An age where I used to think my life would be “figured out” and I would be doing some great thing to change the world. Now I look at my life and ask myself, have I achieved what God has wanted me to achieve so far? Am I doing what I was born to do? I’ve always been a dreamer (I even wrote a song about it) and I sit and ponder (as I do every time I have a birthday); I ask myself these tough questions and I really don’t want to make myself feel better. I just want to be honest.

Am I making a difference in this world? Am I living life to its fullest? Am I leaving a legacy that I will be commended for when I die?

We are 2 weeks into this adventure and right now I am feeling like I have a lot of questions I need to ask myself honestly so that this adventure doesn’t waste itself. To be honest, I don’t know the answers to the questions of my specific purpose (if you do then please share because I would really like to know!) but I do know a few things: I know that I am made to love people like Jesus did. Without an agenda, without needing to be loved back, the kind of love that doesn’t fail.

I guess if I start with that then that is a big enough challenge of its own right! If you feel like you are living your purpose then please share… I’d really love the encouragement in knowing that people are actually able to find it!

Love Jess


9 thoughts on “Finding my purpose on my birthday… or rather NOT knowing it

  1. Asking yourself questions we all do. Not enough wisdom here sorry to give you an answer. Have a wonderful birthday though. Make every single one count.


  2. Happy birthday Jess ……without sounding old and boring I think your questions are very healthy and an accurate indicator of how purposeful your life already is ….if you were complacent you wouldn’t be asking them. Life is a tapestry and most of it is spent weaving in the contrasting colours so that one day when we turn it over we will see what we created…. The hard part is we only get to see the reverse side which has all the tangles and knots and bits of thread we don’t want to get in the way. We think that in trying to deal with them that we are making a mess of our pattern but the truth is THEY are what completes our tapestry. The bit we have to trust God with is not trying all the time to turn it over for a sneaky peek…….He just wants us to use all the bits of thread that come our way the best we can but it is His skill that weaves the picture that He will show us when we need to see it. If it was up to us we would discard all the colours and textures we didn’t like and our tapestry would lose its depth and richness and purpose of learning to trust that He always has best interests and intends nothing but the best for us. Never dismiss an experience , remember that WITH GOD NOTHING IS WASTED.


    1. Wow! I love that explanation :). And jess I’m 30 this year and ask myself the same thing – but I watch my children and know I have created something ‘good’ and if they are my only accomplishment in this life it will be enough. We are all making it up as we go along 😉


      1. Yeah I do remember reading about Steve Jobs saying on his death bed that he wished he didn’t chase success as much and instead spent more time with his family… the most important thing right. Thanks Applez xo


  3. Happy bday Jess.
    I feel my purpose was to bring two beautiful boys into this world. Treat them with love and respect and so that grow up to be adults spreading love and respect. If we can do our little bit to break the violence in families hopefully our world will become a better place


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