We have arrived! Waiheke Island

We arrived a few days ago and it feels like we have travelled to a different country! We came from Erua and I swear I hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. Today the sun is streaming through, we have no choice but to open the bifold doors right up.

We are house sitting for a lovely couple who are travelling and we are taking care of their gorgeous chocolate labrador. We are a few hundred metres from the beach which is the main destination we take Max for walks. We had no intention of swimming here, but Joel seems to have every intention to swim I’ve discovered!

So far I’m spending my time with the kids and am doing a lot of singing. Kenney is trying to burn off energy by running and kayaking. We are starting to think that maybe we are kidding ourselves. Are we really cut out to live like this for an ENTIRE YEAR??? Working here and there to get by… taking life as it comes and doing things we enjoy doing… just for fun…???  I’m not so sure about the travelling lifestyle when there is no progress being made in our lives, careers, dreams… What do you think about it?

Here is a song I sung the day after we arrived and this is our new home for the next 2 months! Comment below if you have a song you would like me to sing and if I am inspired by it, I will make a video to it – Jess



2 thoughts on “We have arrived! Waiheke Island

  1. Surely the progress you are making creatively will have a direct impact on your dreams, future careers and lives (right now and in the future). Plus, when else in your life will you get an opportunity to do this?

    How about Fight Song?


    1. yeah I’m sure that is true. I think being creative is just something I have to do. It is a way of keeping myself sane! thanks so much for that it really helped me and fight song is a great song! love it


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