Find a family in a place where you don’t know anybody

We arrived at Waiheke Island on Saturday, so we have been here for almost a week now. I know it has only been a week but I felt like I just wanted to get out there and meet people in the community as soon as we got here.

Our first trip was to Count Down for groceries and I tried to make conversation with people in the store, who seemed to look at me like I was a bit crazy (I don’t really blame them because I was being QUITE friendly)… After a few days I really felt like I needed to meet some people because being stuck in the house with kids makes me a bit batty… so I did two things: I joined a community facebook group and asked if there are any Play Centres for us to join. I shared our story and straight away a dozen people commented with info and then a few people even asked if I wanted to hang out. I met up with a gorgeous girl named Jess and her beautiful baby girl. The kids had fun playing while we got to know each other.

I also rung up a local church I found online and asked when their next home group was. We went there tonight and met up with about 6 strangers that totally felt like family. They were so inviting and loving and said we were welcome there anytime. Made us feel at home and very welcomed into the community.

We all need community and a sense of belonging I guess. I think one thing I know is I love people and I can’t do life without them. Be it family, friends and strangers.

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