One thought on “Love without Limits Vlog (Day 4-5)

  1. Hey Jess I love your postings – they are truly inspirational and it feels like you are right here talking with me – I am sure whoever is watching your you tube clips will be getting blessed big time !!! xxxxxxxx

    I am so happy about the new rest home it is SO SO much better for Mum …. Really professional ! Have also uncovered a muck up today ….. a note written by the chemist fell out of her transfer pack when I brought her medication over to this rest home. It was written on the 30 May which is the date the doctor put her on a new drug for depression. The chemist warned it could have side effects and to watch out for: weakness, confusion, slurred speech and shaking ! Mum has had ALL those for the last couple of months and it is in this time period that she has declined so quickly. I asked for that drug to be stopped today. And yet the doctor saw her last Friday and said there was nothing he could do for her !!

    Love to our little darling boys and to the big darling one too and loads and loads for you XXXXX


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