A week in New Plymouth

It’s been a week in New Plymouth now but it feels like I’ve only been here for a day! My family are living here so I have been spending my time with them, chillin and hanging out.

This week I wanted to sing this song for you guys… a song I was inspired to write when thinking about someone I was once close to at one point in my life. I was just chillin one day really enjoying life at Waiheke and I thought “I’ve never actually written a song about how grateful I am that it never worked out between me and this other guy.” Sometimes you get hurt by life and people but when you look back after all the pain, you realise that the experience taught you a lot, and it makes you so grateful.

Love Jess xo

One thought on “A week in New Plymouth

  1. Hey Jess it was so good to catch up tonight but then I went on to my emails and saw this song for the first time …. It is SO good – the lyrics are amazing , you are so clever ! ….. xxxxxx love you xxx Bethwen.


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